About Us

Simonetti Studio

Simonetti Studio was set up in 1999 by Carlo Simonetti, after he’d been involved in Art Direction both in agencies and as a free lance for over twenty years, in which he also held senior positions as Creative Director. He decided to create his start up thinking of it as a virtual agency, in the early days of the internet. The agency became very real in a short period of time, but kept in its name the word “Studio”. A term adopted to keep alive the tradition of the small creative workshop, able to do its best on projects that require creativity, accuracy, commitment and great operational flexibility.

The current working group is extraordinarly bonded and reactive. Trained by long nights and weekends of hard work and ready to tackle even the most incredible requests by clients within incredibly short timeframes.  Simonetti Studio can also count on a network, a talent-tank of professionals (research institutes, media consultants, illustrators, photographers, PR and press offices, production houses and cinematic post-production, composers and recording studios, etc.) This talent network allows the agency to mould itself around the client’s requests, building the team around the project, instead of trying to adapt the project to the resources available. The talent network is increased every year with young talents, digital natives, healthy bringers of new ideas and freshness.


Carlo Simonetti

Creative director

Erik Gillo

Video and digital specialist

Cristina Richetta

Art director

Mauro Pizzignach


Milva Tasinato